Do as Donna Verde!

A good idea to get pubilicity is to do like the company Donna Verde AB and print your Company name or loggo on a product from Nyby.

For example on a nice and useful Wateringcan! 


There are more products in Nyby assortment

that fit for printing.

Nyby does not provide Printing.


Flower onion!

Soon the ground is warm enough to put summer flower onions.

They can be sensitive for frost. If you feel uncertain it is better to wait.

You can start to grow in pots where there is no frost.

This will make it to start to grow earlier.


Feed the birds

This time of the year it is important to feed

the wild birds.


Help them to survive the Winter with energy-rich nuts and germs.


You als make yourself a favor -the birds will keep your garden free from vermin.


Coating from leaf

The leaf that fall to your lawn you can easily use a Nyby rake to put it under bushes and hedge.

Let it be until spring. The leaf that have not mould during the winter you can easily take away when flowering in spring.

In the flowerbed the leaf can stay for protection.

Climbing plant and rhododendron can also get coating from the leafs.

Oliv tree -Olea europaea sylvestris

Oliv tree love sun and warm weather during the summer.

Place the Oliv tree in light and preferably in full sun, tolerate drought but not totally.

Water plenty 3-4 times a week if the weather is warm and sunny.

During the summer the plant grow better with extra nutrition.

When the temperature is around 10c you should put the plant inside.

When the plant move inside the leaf might fall off.

Grow your own potatoes!

If you do not have space or a potato-field and would just like to start to grow your own potatoes, you can try to put potatoes in a bucket from Nyby.


Start with doing holes in the bottom and then fill the bucket with about one decimeter mould and put 2-3 potatoes in the bucket.

While the bagasse is growing you keep on refilling the mould. Water regulary.


Good luck!



If you set up a new nesting boxes in the autumn or winter seasons, they will be ventilated and aired proerly; and will acquire a natural look to blend into the environment - before the birds move in and start a family.


Set up the nesting boxes in appropriate places in the garden - generally on trees, but a house wall can be used also.


You should aim to set up the nesting box in an organic way, and avoid nailing it directly to a tree. The nesting box should be placed in the shade. It does not matter in which direction.

Start to grow vegetables!

It is not hard to grow vegetables if you meet their need of sun, nutrition and water and clear weed. It means that you must be prepared to devote at least some hours each week to your cultivation.


The plot of vegetables should be placed sunny. You get a flowerbed by covering the ground with sampler and put a flowerbed on top and fill with mould. If you have a excisting vegetable patch you prepare the mould with digging the mould and underwork green manure.

Grow your plants in raised flowerbed!

A raised flowerbed is a flowerbed a little bit higher up from the ground.

When to much water will come it will run aside and the mould will get warmer by the sun.

It gives good growing condition. 


Use Nyby flowerbed 1200x800 and 600x800 by fillling it up with mould and biological material.

Lovely fruit-tree!

If the fruit-tree have plenty of fruit it can break the branches. Think about it in good time so you can support the benches underneath with a strong pole from Nyby.


Sometimes some old apple trees set long upward sprig on different palces on the branch. You need to cut them off next to the grow.


Pick your apples and put them in to Nyby garden basket in wire and enjoy home-baked apple pie!



Groove the weed!

To hurry up your trees, bushes and flowers do you have to take the weed away so they can grow without any competition. Groove twice before “midsommar” and it will not be much more during the season.

Put a sampler under the hedge and lot of bark on top. It keeps the mould damp and keep also the weed away.


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